CHINA RAILWAY Fully Completes Coal Supply Task and Effectively Guarantees National Energy Security and Stability


  A few days ago, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. successfully completed the 50-day railway special action on coal supply. During this period, it has given full play to the key railway corridors for coal transport, and effectively ensured the coal supply for key regions and enterprises.

  CHINA RAILWAY has strengthened its consciousness of responsibility and earnestly implemented a series of deployments of the State Council on energy security, stability and sufficient supply. From January 10 to the end of February, it has carried out a 50-day special action on coal supply throughout the railway system. During this period, the daily car loading of coal on national railways reached 81,396 cars, with a year-on-year increase of 14,736 (up 22%); the daily car loading of thermal coal reached 54,715, with a year-on-year increase of 13,564 (up 33%). Since January 24, the coal reserve in Qinhuangdao Port has always remained above 5 million tons, which effectively ensured the national energy security and stability and the coal market supply stability.