First Anniversary of the Opening of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway


  December 30, 2020 marks the first anniversary of Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR since its opening-to-traffic, the HSR registered a total ridership of 6.806 million in the past year, including 1.56 million departing from Beijing North Station and 2.7 million departing from Qinghe Station. Yanqing Branch Line of Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR, which has been put into operation for nearly one month, registered a ridership of 15,000.

  Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR is a major component of Beijing-Lanzhou corridor, the main corridor in China's HSR network of "eight north-south lines and eight east-west lines" specified in China's Medium-and Long-Term Railway Network Plan, and is a key transport infrastructure for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.