Rail Transport Achieves Remarkable Results in Last Month of 2020


  In December 2020, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. strengthened its organization of passenger and freight transportation and carried forward key tasks in an orderly manner. With the practical actions of strengthening both epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, it has successfully completed the rail transport task in 2020.

  Eighteen CR regional groups have fully completed their freight tasks in 2020. Following the centralized and unified command across the whole railway system, all CR regional groups made great efforts to overcome the impact of the centralized repair on various trunk lines and of the strongest cold wave, actively organizing the freight increase activities and making up the previous shortfalls. The traffic dispatching and command center of CHINA RAILWAY strengthened the destination adjustment of loaded cars and the provision of empty cars, striving to maintain high-efficiency transportation. All CR regional groups took their initiative, cooperated with each other, and fully organized freight car loading, thus ensuring the successful completion of the annual freight delivery task of CHINA RAILWAY. In that month, CHINA RAILWAY registered a freight delivery of 317.847 million tons, with a daily loading of 169,000 cars, up 1.8% year-on-year.