95306 "Digital Port" Applied on Railways Nationwide


  After months of pilot operation, the 95306 "digital port" system was formally put into service at all railway port stations in China since July 2020. All stakeholders to the international railway through-traffic transport can benefit from this system in online data sharing, quick declaration and inquiry, and automatic translation of Chinese and foreign information. The system will make the international railway through-traffic transport more efficient and convenient, which is of great significance for promoting railway cooperation among the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and facilitating international trades.

  According to an official of the freight department in CHINA RAILWAY, as an important component of the 95306 freight e-commerce platform, the "digital port" system is a key project implemented by CHINA RAILWAY in conjunction with the General Administration of Customs and railways in neighboring countries to optimize the business environment at border ports under the central government's decisions and deployments of "ensuring stability in foreign trade and foreign investment". At the beginning of this year, the fully developed "digital port" system passed the integrated commissioning and test, and then the system was piloted and optimized at Manzhouli Port. Before July 1, the system has been put into service at all railway port stations in China, such as Alataw Pass, Horgos, and Erenhot.

  According to the official, the 95306 "digital port" system can automatically capture and integrate the information of railway imports and exports, enterprises, vehicles, etc., and share information with the General Administration of Customs and the railways of neighboring countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia through the railway-dedicated data network. After the system is put into service, when a freight train carrying export cargoes departs at a railway station in China, the information of the train, cargoes, consignor, and consignee can be transmitted to the customs authority, port station, agency enterprise and foreign railways in real time, and the customs declaration can be settled automatically. As for import, when a freight train departs at an overseas railway station, CHINA RAILWAY and agency enterprises will receive the information of train, cargoes, consignor, consignee, etc. timely, so as to draw up the domestic transportation plan in advance and complete relevant formalities in time.