Japan-China-Mongolia Rail-sea Express Train Leaves China via. Erenhot Port For First Time


  At 11:36 on June 13, the No. 3509 freight train loaded with 44 containers set off from Erenhot International Port Station. This international rail-sea express train mainly carries the automobiles and other products that are shipped from Osaka, Japan, via the International Port to Lianyungang International Port by sea. For the first time, this rail-sea intermodal train will transport these products out of China via Erenhot International Port to Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.

  The Erenhot International Port Station of China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. has incorporated this international train into its daily shift plan and laid its main attention on it. It has optimized the operation method to improve the efficiency of train reception and departure, shunting, bill handover and loading and unloading, strengthened its communication with the customs, border inspection agency and freight forwarding companies and other cooperative units to timely handle the bill customs clearance procedures, realizing one-stop customs declaration, one-stop inspection and one-stop release, ensuring the rapid customs clearance and exit of the train. It is reported that one or two such international rail-sea express trains will be operated per week in the future.

  Since the beginning of this year, Erenhot International Port Station has made all-out efforts to both the epidemic prevention and the inbound and outbound transportation, thus ensuring the safe and smooth traffic on this international corridor. As of June 14, the import and export volumes via Erenhot International Port Station totaled 7.4684 million tons, up 19.5% year on year. In this period, it has received/dispatched 845 CRE trains, up 24.6% year on year.