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Track Laying Completed on Shaanxi Section of Xi'an-Yinchuan High Speed Railway

  At 9:30 on June 18, the track-laying on Xi'an-Yinchuan HSR (Shaanxi Section) was successfully completed, marking an important step towards the opening-to-traffic of the railway within this year.

  On November 28, 2019, the 326.7 km track-laying was commenced on Xi'an-Yinchuan HSR (Shaanxi Section). Since the ballastless track is adopted in the tunnel groups and ballasted track is used in other sections, there are as many as 14 transitions between ballasted track and ballastless track, bringing frequent alternation of track-laying processes and track-laying equipment. The construction participants have adopted the advanced CPG500 ballasted track-laying units and 3 long-rail transport frames to make the track laying and sleeper laying implemented at the same time, thus canceling the procedures such as track panel assembly, track replacement and tool rail recovery, and improving the construction efficiency.

  To reduce the impact of the epidemic, the track-laying on Xi'an-Yinchuan HSR (Shaanxi Section) resumed from February 26 this year, and Xi’an-Chengdu Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Shaanxi Co., Ltd. has made organizations orderly to speed up the construction progress.

  Next, Xi'an-Yinchuan HSR will enter the static acceptance stage, during which the HSR operator will arrange comprehensive and detailed acceptance and inspection on construction quality, construction technology and equipment performance of the HSR.

  As an important component of Baotou-Haikou corridor, the main corridor in China's high speed railway network of "eight north-south lines and eight east-west lines" specified in China's Mid-and-Long-Term Railway Network Plan, Xi'an-Yinchuan Railway will be completed and put into operation within 2020.