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Zhengzhou-Ji’nan High Speed Railway (Shandong Section) Sees Construction Progress

  At 9:58 on June 18, the first pile foundation drilling and subgrade filling works on Zhengzhou-Ji’nan HSR (Shandong Section) officially commenced in Ji’nan. China Railway Ji’nan Group Co., Ltd. organized the labor competitions themed "fighting the epidemic, ensuring the project progress and competing in contribution" in Ji’nan and Liaocheng at the same time, marking an upsurge in the construction of Zhengzhou-Ji’nan HSR (Shandong Section).

  The newly-built Zhengzhou-Ji’nan HSR connects the west of Shandong province and the northeast of Henan province, linking the provincial capitals of Shandong and Henan Provinces. Its Shandong section has a mainline of 168.4 km (including 158.6 km bridges) and a total of 5 stations. The HSR will shorten the travel time from Zhengzhou to Ji’nan to 1.5 hours, and shorten the travel time from Zhengzhou to Qingdao to less than 3 hours.