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Integrated Commissioning & Test Begins on Beijing-Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway (Yanqing Railway)

  At 2:10 on June 9, with the comprehensive inspection train departing from Badaling Great Wall Station of Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR, the integrated commissioning & test was officially launched on Yanqing Railway, a key supporting infrastructure for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

  On December 30, 2019, Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR was put into operation, marking a new progress in the construction of supporting infrastructures for the Winter Olympics. At the same time, other preparatory work was carried forward with high standards and high quality.

  Yanqing Railway runs from Badaling West Block Post of Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR to the existing Yanqing Station. The railway is 9.330 km long totally, including 2.6 km bridges, and with a design speed of 160 km/h.

  As an important part of Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR, the Yanqing Railway will effectively strengthen the economic ties between Beijing and Yanqing District and improve the transportation conditions along the railway upon completion and putting into operation. The railway and the completed Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR will form an important corridor connecting Beijing and the Winter Olympics competition venues in Yanqing, and serve as important transport infrastructures for the Winter Olympics.