Two High Speed Railways in CR Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. Make Their Debut during Spring Festival Travel Rush

  On January 28, the first day of Spring Festival travel rush, Liaoning Province saw a sunny day after snow. At 10:09, G908 train (Shenyang North Station to Beijing Chaoyang Station) passed Kazuo Station on schedule. More than one hour later, G8202/8203 train from Shenyang to Chifeng also passed the station. This is the first time that Kazuo-Chifeng HSR and fully open Beijing-Harbin HSR carry trains in the Spring Festival travel rush.

  As Kazuo-Chifeng HSR runs through the southeast region of Inner Mongolia, to better serve the Mongolian and other ethnic minority passengers, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. organized Fuxin and Chifeng Station Depots to strengthen the service etiquette training for the passenger transport employees, thus providing the Mongolian-Chinese bilingual information and guidance services for the passengers in a targeted manner, and providing passengers a warmer travel experience.