Harbin-Mudanjiang High Speed Railway Boosts Ice and Snow Economy on Its First Anniversary


  December 25 marks the first anniversary of the opening of Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR. In the past year, enduring the extreme cold weather with a minimum temperature of -35°C in winter, Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR has operated nearly 20,000 EMU trains, with an operation mileage of over 5 million km and a passenger ridership of over 7.7 million.

  Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR passes through ice and snow tourist attractions such as China's Snow Town and Yabuli Ski Resort, with abundant snow tourism resources along the line. In order to ensure the safe operation of the HSR in winter, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has implemented 16 cold-proof modifications to the EMU trains, adopting digital HSR, intelligent ice melting & snow removal, blizzard warning and other measures to ensure the safe operation of the HSR.

  In the past year, the number of EMU trains running on Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR has increased from 19.5 pairs per day in the initial period of operation to 31 pairs per day now, with the shortest interval of 26 minutes. The shortest running time between Harbin and Mudanjiang is reduced to 1 hour 28 minutes, while the shortest running time between Mudanjiang and Beijing is reduced to 9 hours 28 minutes.

  With Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR connected to Harbin-Dalian HSR and Harbin-Qiqihar HSR, EMU trains from Mudanjiang to Qiqihar, Changchun, Beijing and other destinations have been successively opened to link up the ice and snow tourism belt in Northeast China. Scenic spots along the lines, such as Yabuli Ski Resort, China's Snow Town and Weihushan Movie & TV Town, have attracted tourists from all over the country. Travel agencies in Heilongjiang Province have introduced tourism products such as "weekend tour to Heilongjiang" and "one-day HSR tour". China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Longyun Group Co., Ltd. have launched a highway-railway intermodal transport service through to Snow Town, bringing more convenience for tourists to visit Snow Town.

  As an important component of the rapid rail passenger transport network in Northeast China, Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR, Harbin-Qiqihaer HSR, Harbin-Kiamusze Railway and the Mudanjiang-Kiamusze HSR under construction will jointly form the 1-2 hour economic circle in Heilongjiang, becoming the important corridors for revitalizing Heilongjiang's economic development.