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China-Laos Railway Delivers Tangible Benefits a Year After Launch

  As of December 2, the China-Laos Railway has handled over 8.5 million passenger trips and transported 11.2 million tons of cargo on its first anniversary.

  The railway has become an indispensable path contributing to the economic development of the two countries while improving the livelihoods of people on both sides.

  The successful operation of the railway has brought tangible opportunities and dividends to the Chinese and Lao people while standing as a vivid example of advancing high-quality BRI cooperation and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

  Since the China-Laos Railway was put into operation a year ago, with the aim of high-standard sustainability and the improvement of people’s livelihood, CHINA RAILWAY has worked closely with Laos to ensure the maintenance and security of the railway as well as building high-quality, sustainable and people-friendly economic belts along the route.

  Due to such efforts, the signature rail line now sees a surge in passenger and cargo numbers and has boosted development in surrounding areas.

  As a convenient and efficient “international logistics golden corridor”, the railway plays a robust role in providing a convenient and efficient means of travel for residents from both countries, facilitating the domestic and international circulations, and promoting the construction of the China-Laos economic corridor.