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China’s First Unified Schedule CR Express Freight Train Dispatched

     On October 26, the X8155 CR Express, loaded with 50 wagons of goods including photovoltaic inverters, motor compressors and vacuum cleaners, departed from the Xi’an Guojigang Railway Station, leaving the country via Alataw Pass in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and heading to Duisburg, Germany. This is the first CR Express freight train that runs on a fixed timetable for the whole journey through China and Europe.
       After rounds of consultation with the railway authorities of the countries along the route, CHINA RAILWAY decided to open a unified schedule of freight trains between China and Europe from October this year, in an effort to make its transportation services more stable and time-efficient to better meet the logistics needs of customers, and further improve the service quality of CR Express.
      When CRE trains with unified schedules pass through countries with different gauges, the operation time of each link can be controlled, thus achieving a smooth handover of each section of the domestic and foreign railway lines, and reducing unnecessary delays. Operating an unified schedule of the CR Express freight trains can improve transportation efficiency, while giving it another edge in the market.
Photo by Jia Zhiwei