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CHINA RAILWAY Express Train (Xi'an-Kiev) Launched

  At 10:00 on July 24, a CRE train (No. 75028) departed from Xinzhu Station of China Railway Xi'an Group Co., Ltd., heading for Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Consisting of 41 cars full of clothing, shoes, socks and other commodities, this CRE train will cross the Chinese border at Erenhot Port and arrive in Kiev in about 12 days, via Mongolia and Russia. It is reported that this is the first CRE train operated by China Railway Xi'an Group Co., Ltd. from Xi'an to Kiev.

  This new CRE train service will further shorten the time-space distance of freight transport between Xi'an and Kiev, and promote the CRE train services within East Europe, thus helping build a focus of reform and opening-up in China's interior, establish a CHINA RAILWAY Express Marshaling Center and advance the hub-based, gateway-based and flow-based economy for Shaanxi.