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Wuhan Launches CRE Train for International Mail

  At 6:06 on June 20, a 49-car CRE train loaded with production and daily necessities, masks, isolation suits and other supplies manufactured by enterprises in Wuhan and other regions in Hubei departed from Wujiashan Station of Hanxi Station Depot of China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. The train will cross the Chinese border via Alataw Pass and is expected to arrive in Duisburg, Germany 15 days later.

  This train is the 48th CRE train originating from Wujiashan Station this year. One container on this train is loaded with 10,710 pieces (2.75 tons) of international parcels from China Post Hubei Branch, mainly including household supplies and automobile supplies. This batch of international parcels will arrive in Malashevich, Poland about 13 days later, from where these parcels will be distributed to Britain, France and Germany by Poczta Polska. This is the first time Wuhan launches a CRE train carrying international parcels.

  According to an official of China Post Hubei Branch, after the outbreak of COVID-19, all international flights in Hubei Province were shut down, and the international mail transport corridor was severely blocked. Therefore, all international mails had to be transferred to Beijing and Shanghai for export, with increased transportation time and cost. However, the CRE train, featured with stable transport quality, less restriction from weather conditions, and transport cost one third less than air transport, provides a smooth export corridor for 3C electronic products and cosmetics.

  In the next step, China Post Hubei Branch will maintain its cooperation with the railway sector, striving to promote the large-scale and regular mail transportation by CRE trains.