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CHINA RAILWAY Express Highlighted during Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Conference

  "The freight train service, as an artery of logistics, provides a fast track for Europe to acquire medical supplies and necessities." On April 24, at a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spokesman Geng Shuang introduced the operation of the CRE trains during the epidemic and affirmed their contribution to deepening international anti-epidemic cooperation and building the Belt and Road with high quality.

  At the press conference, reporters with Xinhua News Agency asked: "China-Europe freight train service from Wuhan to Duisburg recently resumed regular operation, delivering medical supplies to Germany, which means all westbound rail service starting from China are normalized. Can you give us more details on the operation of the freight train service amid the pandemic?"

  "Compared with shipment by air and sea, international transport of goods via railway network has the advantage of fewer personnel quarantine checks and safer, more stable operation." When answering the questions, Geng Shuang said that the epidemic has resulted in poor global logistics and shrinking global trade, while the regular and stable operation of CRE trains is conducive to the cross-border flow of goods and services and the work and production resumption in enterprises. It serves as a new artery in international transportation, reducing the impact of the epidemic on China-EU industrial chain and supply chain cooperation. The CHINA RAILWAY Express  is an important outcome and exemplary project of the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Europe. Going forward, China stands ready to work with the European side to maintain the normal, orderly operation of the freight train service, and further improve its capacity and profitability, expand transnational logistics cooperation with Europe and other countries along the routes, and make new contributions to joint pandemic response, better cooperation in fighting COVID-19, and quality BRI cooperation.

  The CRE trains are freight trains operated between China and Europe. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. strengthened the transportation organization for CRE trains to fully ensure the safety and smoothness of the international railway logistics strategic corridor. In the first quarter, a total of 1,941 CRE trains were operated with 174,000 TEUs being transported, up 15% and 18% respectively from the same period last year. So far, CRE trains have carried 448,000 pieces of anti-epidemic supplies, totaling 1,440 tons, to Italy, Germany and many other countries.

  In recent years, with the continuous increase in the number and routes of CRE trains, CRE trains have attracted extensive attention. This is not the first time that CRE trains have appeared on a major news release platform in China. At the press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council on July 9, 2018, five railway employees shared their stories with the CRE trains, which attracted the intensive coverage and unanimous praise of the Chinese and foreign media.