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CHINA RAILWAY Express Sends Medical Supplies to Europe

  At 00:15 on April 26, X8003 CRE train left Putian Station, Zhengzhou Station Depot of China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. with 619 tons of medical supplies on board. The train bound for Poland carried 360,000 masks and 10,000 pieces of protective clothing donated by Henan Provincial Government to several cities in Europe.

  The regular and stable operation of CRE trains is conducive to the cross-border flow of goods and services as well as the work and production resumption in enterprises. It can reduce the impact of the epidemic on China-EU industrial chain and supply chain cooperation, and act as a new artery in international transportation.

  China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. has made every effort to promote the regular and stable operation of CRE trains. It has deepened the strategic cooperation in the railway industry and with other industries between China and abroad, and ensured smooth and orderly operation in all links, further helping Henan to move from "hinterland" to "highland of openness". As of the end of March, CRE trains had made a total of 2,917 trips.

  "Distance between us will not hamper our friendship!", "Stand together in times of difficulty". Donations were labeled with warm words and poems. Henan Province will continue expanding logistics cooperation with countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative to fight against the epidemic.

  It is reported that Henan Province has established friendly relations with Lublin of Poland, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Munich of Germany, and Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh of the United Kingdom along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative.